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Can Children Develop Gum Disease?

Posted on 6/20/2017 by OPDSF Office
A patient suffering from gum disease.
As your child grows and starts to learn dental hygiene, you may be wondering if your child can develop gum disease.

In fact, children can develop gum disease, but it is more common for them to have mild forms of it. Advanced gum disease is more common in adulthood.

What Can Cause Gum Disease?

The most common cause is insufficient oral hygiene: not including flossing, missing certain spots on teeth, or not brushing for two minutes twice a day.

Recent research has indicated that genetic factors can also can also be a risk factor of gum disease. However, a parent having gum disease does not guarantee that a child will develop it as well.

How Can You Tell If Your Child Has Gum Disease?

The symptoms that your child experience may vary, but symptoms for gum disease include:

•  Receding gum line
•  Swollen, red, or bleeding gums
•  Loose teeth or changes in teeth alignment
•  Bad breath that does not go away

It might be difficult to tell if some of these signs are the result of gum disease or normal development of the teeth (loose or misaligned teeth, for example), but a dental health professional will be able to tell whether or not the signs are normal development or pointing toward something else.

How Can You Prevent or Manage Gum Disease?

You can help prevent the development of gum disease by making sure your child brushes and flosses every day. If your child is starting to brush and floss on their own, supervise their brushing and flossing time, and help them as necessary. Also, you can perform short home check-ups for your child to see if they are exhibiting any signs of gum disease.

If your child is currently experience signs of gum disease, it important to contact our office as soon as possible so that their gums can be treated and given time to heal.

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