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Times Where Veneers Are Appropriate for Children

Posted on 10/30/2017 by OPDSF Office
Veneer Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry - OPDSF CA 94116
Dental veneers are the solution of choice for many adults who are seeking a cosmetic change for their smile. Whether they use them to correct minor gaps, straighten slightly crooked teeth, or lighten the shade of their smile, veneers are a popular and effective option that many people choose.

However, is it appropriate to use veneers for a child? We frequently hear this question from parents who are concerned for their child's appeaarance.

Veneers and Your Child's Teeth

Keep in mind that getting veneers put on will involve some minor adjustments to the structure of your child's teeth. This means we will be slightly shaping the surface of each tooth prior to affixing the veneer.

If your child's teeth have finished coming in, it may be appropriate to consider veneers. Of course, every situation is different, and you want to make sure you have all of the information before you make your decision, so we do encourage you to talk with us about it.

Keep in mind that even after your child's adult teeth have come in, there will still be a period of growth and adjustment as his or her mouth continues to form.

You may want to be sure that your child's mouth is in essentially the shape and size it will be in as an adult before you seriously consider veneers. Again, though, each set of circumstances is different, so be sure to bring this up the next time you visit our offices for your regular dental checkup.

Veneers may not be appropriate for children who still have their baby teeth, although this is not always the case. Some extreme circumstances may make veneers appropriate, even if the child does not yet have his or her adult teeth.

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