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How Not to Pass Dental Fears On to Your Children

Posted on 11/20/2017 by OPDSF Office
Dental Fears Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry - OPDSF CA 94116
There is no denying that having your teeth cleaned is not exactly a comfortable experience, or that having a tooth extracted can feel nasty once the anesthesia rubs off.

However, what must be done should be done with, for the sake of your oral health, comfort, confidence and happiness.

Understanding this crucial point, you should try your best not to pass whatever dental fears you may have on to your children.

Otherwise, your little ones may have to deal with unnecessary worrying even until they reach adulthood. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep these fears at bay early on in their young lives.

Introduce the Dentist as Early as Possible

An occasional visit to our dental office will earn your child some familiarity to make him feel more comfortable sitting on the dentist chair, as well as for us to check if his teeth are undergoing proper development.

The mere idea of a big "stranger" wearing a mask, glasses and gloves taking a peek into his little mouth can indeed be scary for a child, and children can have a truly wild imagination.

Therefore, you must go beyond the "stranger" phase and slowly introduce us to your child as early as when he is two years of age. Before the visit, it would be better if you read him picture books for kids that talk about going to the dentist to allay any impending fear of the strange and the unknown.

Honesty is Key

Never lie to your child about what will happen on a visit. For instance, if you promise him that having his tooth pulled out will not hurt at all but of course it does, your child may lose trust and confidence in you and his dentist.

Instead, you should tell him that it will hurt somewhat, but that he will be given medicine to make the pain go away.

You may also want to add rewards after every visit, such as an ice popsicle treat or a fun trip to the zoo to cancel out whatever negative experiences that inevitably get associated with dental visits.

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